bullseye pedals
hutch pedals SOLD
2nd gen Bullseye cranks SOLD
Cook Bros. cranks, 2nd gen SOLD
Hutch Aerospeed cranks SOLD for $2317.00 on 4-20-2011
1980 Supergoose SN TCC1 403831
1977 mongoose SOLD
tuf neck laid back seat post, (stickered) mongoose bars, all NOS parts
Boss looptail 26": all Boss!
Takara: my 1st bmx bike. Rare NOS team decals and all black
1984 GHP frame, fork, bars (seatpost not pictured) SN 0734070
Jeff Haney GJS frame and fork SN 2635 SOLD back to Jeff
Hutch Pro Star, bars, seatpost, Jeff Haney Deep H stem, two hutch magnesium wheel sets, SN 1230370 ALL SOLD
JMC Black Shadow frame, fork, SN K8266 SOLD
Jeff Haney JMC Shadow frame, fork, bars SOLD
National Pro frame, fork, seatpost, SN 883112 SOLD
Patterson frame, fork, bars, SN 1113
Powerlite frame, fork, bars, seatpost, SN 01958
Robinson Pro frame, fork (Pro bars amd seatpost not pictured) SN P9830065
Thruster frame, fork
Torker frame, fork, bars SN TNN8959
VDC Changa frame, fork, bars, SN ???137 SOLD
Vector frame, (Pro bars and 2nd gen fork not pictured) SOLD
near-NOS Race Inc. f&f RM61026, (bars not pictured) SOLD
Panda Pro Am, SN E2231
CYC Stormer sn# 15775 SOLD
Bill Surges' old bmx, SN zx2152
Profile Champ Pro, 19.25" tt (Pro bars and Jeff Haney seatpost  not pictured)
Skyway frame and fork, 1982 1st gen (from Japan) KB 00673, Race bars not pictured
MCS Magnum 2000 frame, fork, and bars, SN 6325 SOLD
Redline squareback frame and fork, SN 3431
PK Ripper frame, fork, and powerwing Pro bars, SN PK70423
GT Pro frame, fork, and bars, SN 1221677? SOLD
DG ZF1 (rare nickel plating, SN 28035), Bottema M1 fork, and DG fork
1st gen CW phase 1 with 1st gen headtube decal, SN CZ3 3032
Champion squareback and Speedo single dropout fork, SN 563351771BD
Champion frame, fork, expert bars, SN C213293
Boss frame and fork, drilled brake bridge, SN D0983 SOLD
Jeff Haney SE Quadangle, SN 0603 1766
Cook Bros frame, fork, bars, stem, seatpost, SN 2576
All of these are SOLD